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    Deniss Pashkevich is a prominent figure in the Latvian jazz scene and the Baltics with his name included in the European Jazz Tree. His is currently an official artist-endorser of the “Marca reeds”,  “Tittmann” companies.  He is artistic director at "Riga Winds".

    Deniss Pashkevich has collaborated with artists such as: Seamus Blake, Christian Frank, Paul Bollenback, Christian Howes, Arkady Gotesman, Vjacheslav  GanelinBrian Melvin, Neff Irizarry, Ryo Kawasaki, Peter Eldredge (NY Voices), Janet Lawson, Bill Harper, Ted Curson, Stenley Jordan, Victor Fonarev, Brian Linch, Tim Miller, James Tomas Werts, Jill Scot Heron, Ray Blue (Spirit of Life), Bob Ferrel, Vincent Coutro, David Kikoski, Rick Margitza, Tim Hagans , Aaron Parks, Randy Brecker and many more.


    "Steeped in the tradition of John Coltrane, Deniss Pashkevich is a Latvian flautist & saxophonist, producer, ad-libber and educator with a profound calling. His sound is unique and powerful with the ability to penetrate your soul. This sonic clarity and ability has made him one of the most in demand musicians from the Baltics."
    "Love the music and spirit.

    "Great trio energy – full and colourful. I dig your tenor sound."
    Greg Osby /
    "This is how they play jazz in Europe today." 
    / Russian tv /
    "This is called fusion. I would say, it’s a bold experiment that requires great responsibility. Because mixing it all together demands great talent, thoughtfulness and serious approach. And I believe this band succeeds in it."
    David Goloschokin /, art director of st. Petersburg jazz Philharmonic hall

    "After the concert, we all took part in a jam session that gave us an opportunity to hear some more fine latvian jazz players, this time in an unfettered blowing context. A standout for me was saxophonist Deniss Pashkevich, a completely accomplished and world class player who impressed me on soprano sax playing in a fluent, harmonically sophisticated idiom reminiscent of, but not beholden to, David Liebman"
    Brian Lynch /

    "If you are interested in jazz (from the baltics) and you don’t know who’s Deniss Pashkevich, then it’s the same as if you were interested in cars but didn’t know what a mercedes benz was…” /


    Watch Documentary about Deniss and Jolanta Pashkevich filmed by Latvian Central Television 2015 

    Interview with Deniss about life philosophy in music and jazz: 



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