I am proud to cooperate with wonderful and world known companies. Also during a big research through years I've found that only handmade tools are the ones I love for my concerts as well as the time spent in studio. I believe that sound you have is not only the gear you have. Let's say gear is very important as a helping tool.

Also I've found that mouthpiece, saxophone makers are very different, therefore personal character aspects are important in situations you are facing. People are different by one another and they also are different as craftsmen. I do love to mark another two companies and men I have the chance to work for the last 10 years.

It is great attitude, focus and quality. Please, mark these names for yourself in case you are looking for refacing work or mouthpieces, instruments:

Kay Siebold - well known world wide mouthpiece refacer and original mouthpiece craftsman. Living in germany;
Ed Pillinger - world wide known mouthpiece refacer and original mouthpiece craftsman who lives in UK.
Please, contact them with whatever you need and if not - ask me. I can to help you with that, too.

Since 2009 I am working with Marca Reeds  that has the highest quality as well as communication with company. I love the sound and personal feeling i have experiencing the  Marca Reeds.

Since 2013 I am playing on P.Mauriat saxophones which as well as Reeds of Marca has high quality. I play on system 76 tenor saxophone and I do that in life and studio situations as well. This is the real deal.

Since 2013 I am collaborating with the world wide company Theo Wanne Mouthpieces. The Wanne is high quality professional and person with deep knowledge of his work . he do it with passion. all products is well made and played by many world class artists.


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