Christian Frank and Deniss Pashkevich incidentially met in 2010 during an artist seminar in Copenhagen. They decided to stay in contact and after several concerts, they released their debut CD: ”Outlook” in 2012, “Close” in 2014 and a quintet recording featuring Aaron Parks is soon to be released.


On the recordings, as well during live concerts, the listeners will experience beautiful ballads, modern jazz, impro-passages, bluesy fragments and overall a relaxed and lyrical mood. The influences from the New York scene are maybe obvious but still the two artists seeks a personal sound, where no compromises are taken.




»Jazz is a limitless being. Also at a concrete level, jazz is limitless. Just imagine all the Swedish and Norwegian jazz musicians who are now a natural part of the Danish jazz stage. With his outlook, the guitarist Christian Frank has joined forces a musician from Latvia: The saxophonist Deniss Pashkevich who brings along the drummer Artis Orubs, while Christian Frank turns up with the Danish bassplayer Claus Kaarsgaard. As a band, they have created a piece of frost bitten jazz. There are sketchlike numbers where Frank and Pashkevich test ideas. There are also unifying numbers where the melody becomes the supporting element. They are not afraid to experiment. Musically, they end up not far from what we know from Jakob Bro. The music moves ahead intimately and floatingly. The encircling time stands still. There is a cool melancholy that does not get icy, thanks to the great collaboration of the quartet. The music may very well be frost bitten but when you are from Denmark and Latvia, you are familiar with the cold. You need the cold seasons as a counterbalance to summer’s heat.«

Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt


»I caught up with Frank and Pashkevich in March 2010 at a sold out concert in Riga. Since then I have heard them as often as possible. I think their music has given me (as well as other listeners) a new outlook on jazz as well as on myself. This music calls for reflection.The four musicians approach the music each from their own compass point.From South comes the brilliant plenipotential reeds of Deniss Pashkevics.For him, like all true musicians, technical skills are not a goal in itself,but simply a tool for expressing himself. From the West comes the scintillating, consciously offbeat, guitar playing of the other front man, Christian Frank. Frank is uncompromising in expressing himself in a unique and rich way. From the North comes the cool yet sensitive double bass playing of Claus Kaarsgaard, which balances perfectly with the exquisitely punky-virtuoso percussion playing of Artis Orubs.These four musicians have combined all their talents in a crucible from which this album, that you hold in your hands, has emerged. This is a first step on what one can only hope will be a long, successful journey.«

Simon Drewsen Holmberg, The Danish Cultural Insitute